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Posting a Leno save everyday until Arsenal play a game. Day-3, April 15th, 2019

Sorry I missed yesterdays post, some personal things came up and I had no time to post one, to make it up to you guys there will be a bonus save today.

With this save, Capoue goes for the edges of the goal but Leno anticipates which side he will be going for, you can see Leno take 2 shuffles to his left before diving to save it. Without those two shuffles I don’t think leno was reaching that, Leno shows top class goalkeeping with this one.

You can watch the highlight of the match here

Fun facts;

1- Troy Deeney didn’t show Cajones in this match getting sent off jus 11 minutes into the match

2- This game in April was our 3rd away win in the league despite having the 3rd best home record that season

3- 1st away cleansheet that season

4- Emerys reaction “It was a good ebening”

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