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[RESULTS] Leicester (A) match predictions

Thanks as always to everyone who entered the poll, or did so as well as leaving a miscellaneous prediction before the match, let’s see who was right….

Line-up predictions

The 343 formation chosen by Arteta was correctly predicted by 79% of voters, and preferred by 44% of voters. The predicted line up got 9/11 players right, with Leno and Holding starting instead of Runarsson and Saliba.

Score predictions

81% of voters correctly predicted an Arsenal victory. 48% of voters predicted us to score precisely 2 goals, 13% predicted us to keep a clean sheet, and 6% correctly predicted the exact score line and result.

Man of the match

Pepe was most predicted (25%) to win MOTM. Saka was awarded MOTM on Arsenal’s Twitter

Miscellaneous predictions

| Nketiah to score | – u/syfkeo, u/Mr-Crooks, and one anonymous user.

| Nketiah scores a brace, Kolasinac has a decent game | Nketiah with just the one goal, I thought Kolasinac had a decent game, at least better than usual, but that’s subjective.

| At least one scored by Nketiah. | – u/sennejaa

| nelson masterclass | – u/diggiworme | Was pretty good

| Saka masterclass | – u/GloopTown | Won Man Of The Match

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