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3 benefits to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang staying

Arsenal is supposedly nearing their first formal contract extension to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyan. Here are three reasons that’s a good thing.

All of the hearsay surrounding Arsenal and the almost certain exit of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been turned on its head with reports that the Gunners have never actually offered a contract extension to their star man, but they are nearing a point where they’re going to.

It’s an interesting thought, that the club has waited this long to make any official movement, even with all the rumors of an exit. It’s even more interesting because nothing has changed. No matches have been played and while a top-five spot isn’t that far off, it still has yet to be accomplished, and that has been the biggest question concerning Aubameyang’s future—would he stay without Champions League?

The almost unanimous answer is no, he would not. Which is why, again, this contract extension report is interesting based on the timing alone.

Arsenal would face these 3 benefits if Aubameyang stays

Still, it’s hard not to see a mountain of positives if the Gunners were to link up with Aubameyang for a few more years. Sure, there are concerns that this could be a Mesut Ozil situation all over again, but in the meantime, we’d still be getting these three epic benefits.

It starts with No. 3.

3. Elite mentality

Big clubs don’t sell their best players, and Arsenal is a bit club and Aubameyang is our best player. It’s that simple. By most standards, that would mean that we can’t sell him because it would make us look weak, and by most standards, I’d agree. Keeping Aubameyang is a flex to the rest of the world that we can maintain our stars for as long as we want.

More than that, whether we make the Champions League or not, it’s also an indication that we’re sticking at the top for the long haul, and that the future isn’t some pipe dream, it’s here and now.

Arsenal don’t get to flex to the world all that often, so being able to extend Aubameyang, perhaps even before the Champions League spot is solidified, would be a massive push forward.

On to No. 2.

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