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3 problems with letting David Luiz walk away

Arsenal appears ready to let David Luiz walk for free at the end of the year despite his year being quite positive. Here are three problems with this.

Arsenal‘s defense has been a thing of beauty since Mikel Arteta took over the club, and I know I talk about it a lot, but you should be too. I mean, the dude made David Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi top-caliber defenders.

That is some kind of witchcraft. And with a fresh batch of defenders coming back to the club, it may look like there are better things ahead. Which is probably part of the logic behind letting David Luiz walk for free, or not fighting hard to keep him.

After it was reported that Luiz would stick it out for another year at the Emirates, with the club ready to exercise that one-year extension, rumors have since turned to a likely exit for the Brazilian, which leaves Arteta with some decisions to make, if indeed he does leave.

If David Luiz leaves, Arsenal faces these three problems

While it must be said that Unai Emery’s problem may have been not ridding himself of more of his predecessor’s players, Arteta could probably make an exception with keeping Luiz for another year. But then again, I understand if he just wants to start fresh.

Still, here are three problems with letting David Luiz go. We start with No. 3.

3. Good defending

Sounds daft, but it’s true—we need good defenders, and this year, Luiz has proven to be somewhere between good and great on a regular basis. Despite a disastrous start to the year under Unai Emery, when he was giving up a poor error literally every single match, Luiz has since put in one inspired performance after another, leaving fans clamoring for more from the Brazilian.

It’s hard to find good defenders, and it’s harder yet to find them for cheap. Luiz did not cost a lot of money, and he won’t cost much to keep. But if he walks, we then have more questions to ask about the best way to move this defense forward. Or rather, to keep it moving forward.

Let’s get into those questions at No. 2.

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