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3 reasons Dani Ceballos should want to stay

Arsenal, Dani Ceballos (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Arsenal and Dani Ceballos seem destined to part ways, but here are three reasons why Dani Ceballos should be pushing for a stay.

Arsenal loanee Dani Ceballos has indicated that his goal is to return to Real Madrid at the end of the season. It’s going the exact way that fans figured it would go. Although, for fans, they expected a dynamite season from Ceballos, who would then go home and thrive at Real Madrid. Which hasn’t necessarily been the case.

Still, Ceballos has stated his goal, which has likely always been his goal, despite talk of the Gunners potentially extending his loan or even dropping the big bucks to keep him around permanently.

But is he making the right choice in putting the Real Madrid blinders on? I’m not so sure that he is. And while I’m still not sure Arsenal should want to keep him either, Ceballos should want to stay, and of that, I have no doubt.

Dani Ceballos should want to stay at Arsenal for these three reasons

In fact, here are three reasons why he should want to stay. In case it wasn’t obvious enough already.

3. The opportunity is still there

Players go where there is opportunity, right? The opportunity at Arsenal is still wide open. Their midfield pivot role goes woefully unfilled and it’s unlikely they will be able to invest heavily in the position this summer. They’re already going to be spending a good deal on Thomas Partey, so doubling up on the midfield when the defense and attack will likely still need help, is unwise.

As such, Ceballos has to see how wide open the opportunity is for him to keep a starting job at a top-tier club. This midfield is begging for a guy like him and it’s not like he’s realized his full potential here either. Had he, and he was going back to Madrid with a head full of steam, it would make more sense.

But he isn’t. He still needs Arsenal as much as we still need someone like him. He doesn’t have to even make it a permanent move yet. Even another loan would make sense at this point in his career.

Anyway, on to No. 2.

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