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3 things to look forward to with Manchester City up next

Arsenal, Mikel Arteta (Photo by IAN KINGTON/AFP via Getty Images)

Arsenal’s return to the season is set for June 17th against Manchester City. Here are three things to look forward to, other than it just being football again.

The Premier League’s return to action is set, and they’re taking no prisoners matching Arsenal up against Manchester City for the Gunners return to action. Mikel Arteta will face off about Pepe Guardiola and naturally, we’re all equally stoked and petrified.

Manchester City have not been kind of the Gunners in recent years, but with Arteta’s revolution in place, there’s certainly going to be a new impetus to prove that we’re getting back on the right track to start competing in the top four consistently.

Unlike Liverpool, City has proven to be mortal this year. Their 57 points may see them in second place, but they have put zero pressure on Liverpool and stand to be knocked off that second-place perch if Leicester City has their way.

Arsenal is back! Here are three things to look forward to

The Gunners can help with that if they can ruin City’s game in hand, at the Etihad. It’s not going to be an easy task, especially being the first match back from the pause, but here are three things to look forward to in the return to action, other than it just being Premier League football at long, long last.

3. Defense!

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, nor do I want to use cliches, but Arsenal’s defense is something remarkable, and it’s a joy to watch. Since 2020 began and Arteta’s reign intensified, the Gunners have given up just six goals in eight Premier League matches, which is tied for best in the league in that timeframe with Sheffield United.

You know who’s given up more? Manchester City, with eight.

Arteta has completely turned this defense around, with the same cast of characters who seemed to drive it into the ground. And with David Luiz supposedly set to depart the club, we may see Mustafi or Sokratis stepping up even more in an attempt to make their bid as the new veteran that Arteta needs.

Just maybe.

Better yet, what if Calum Chambers is back? It’s just too much!

On to No. 2.

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