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Partey Time at Arsenal, Excellent News for Mikel Arteta

While the Gunners couldn’t land Houssem Aouar, Thomas Partey can be as crucial a signing,

The 27-year-old Ghanaian midfielder is an anchor in the middle of the pitch and it extends far past his defensive anticipation and skill. Despite missing out on Houssem Aouar of Lyon, Arsenal have still got an absolutely tremendous talent. He is offensively capable as well defensively, and last year, was one of the most accurate passers across Europe; this signing therefore, is far from superficial for that reason, it is quite profound in fact.

In north London during the first international break therefore, it can be exclaimed and proclaimed without hesitation, that this season will be for the better, an absolute Partey.

Thomas Partey: Arsenal Have a Humble, Do-Everything Type of Player

Partey is the full package, as both a person and a player; he will be instrumental in improving Arsenal across the board moving forward. While he will help to protect the now-far-sturdier backline of the club, how he helps to link the back to the front will be as important. For a club that plays out from the back as often as Arsenal, this crux is absolutely essential for overcoming the pressure of attacking opponents.

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With the talent and creativity he’ll have around him like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Alexandre Lacazette, Willian, Nicolas Pepe, Dani Ceballos, Bukayo Saka and eventually, the young phenom Gabriel Martinelli, the offensive and defensive effort will be both improved and better organized. Meanwhile, ball retention should increase for the club as well, leading to more opportunities to smother teams across all 90’ plus of football.

Outside of the footballing metrics however, Partey is widely seen as admirable a human as an athlete. He is thought of as a good person, a humble man and a thoughtful player; and while he was underpaid at Atletico in relation to his obvious value, something the club eventually attempted to resolve after more damage was done than should’ve been, one never heard the complaints that one might hear from other players. Indeed, he was ready to remain at the club until, literally, the eleventh hour.

And while Madrid took Lucas Torreria in return on a loan deal, it is unquestionable who got the greater player and opportunity. Partey offers Mikel Arteta real, viable options with both squad selection, as well as shape selection.

The Mikel Arteta Revolution: Thoughtfully Accentuating Arsenal & the Talent Already Present

What has to be recognized by the signings of Arsenal during the summer window, is that they are particular and precise. They are the moves of men who have limited resources in relation to a Manchester City and Manchester United, and yet have the eyes and sense to recognize certain traits that can be useful for their club as well. Willian is an example of this with not only his ability, but his professionalism, his intentions and his team mentality.

Gabriel Magalhaes was a sound, intelligent investment for a capable player, who is still quite capable of more as well; meanwhile, Partey is a perfect mixture of both. Older than Magalhaes and younger than Willian, he has the proper mixture of both to impact Arsenal in a multitude of ways.

His experience in La Liga, as well as consistently in Europe, will help to set an edge for the players with less experience to match and imitate. His defensive capability is profound and his understanding of defensive football under the legendary Diego Simeone should not be understated either. With this knowledge, he will defensively marshal matches while offensively impacting the club.

The Gunners will be able to line up in a 3-4-3, a 4-3-3 or even a 3-1-3-3 should they choose to. They will ironically be able to accomplish strategic objectives wished for, but never applied properly, by Unai Emery under his successor. In an even more profound way than Arsenal finished up last season doing, the club will have the ability to measure their competition each match. Should they be able to outplay them with their style, they shall do so. Should they not, they will be able to transform into a more advantageous shape to oppose them.

It is crucial for the boss that he have the ability to intellectually outmaneuver his opposition with his teams versatility and tactical comprehension, and so Partey time has certainly created more potential for that to become easily done on a match-to-match basis.

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For Arsenal it was simple, they either had to move forward with a if signing, or inevitably find themselves slipping backwards as the teams around them improved, at least on paper, in leaps and bounds.

And while Everton are still most impressive as per their transformation from last to this campaign – James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, Allan from Napoli, Abdoulaye Doucoure of Watford and Norwich’s Ben Godfrey –  Arsenal have a great opportunity to give them a run for their money with a player like Partey now a part of the squad. What he’ll bring to Arsenal can be spoken about without end, but will be best believed when seen for ones own self.


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