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Spurs downright suck, so beware

Arsenal fans may be licking their lips ahead of the North London Derby, but just because Tottenham sucks doesn’t mean they can’t upset.

Arsenal and Tottenham have been living very different lives lately. Arsenal has been fighting tooth and nail for results. They fought so hard to win convincingly against Wolverhampton in a statement result and they fought just has hard but were robbed of a result against Leicester City.

That doesn’t even include the FA Cup win against Sheffield, which was a massive result in and of itself. This is a side that is fighting for points even if the likelihood of it amounting to anything is slim to none.

Spurs, meanwhile, have been atrocious, boring, lackadaisical, humdrum, and uninspired. As most Jose Mourinho-led teams are when the players start to realize that he isn’t that exceptional of a manager.

Against Everton, they squeaked out a 1-0 win on an own goal from Everton. Against Bournemouth, who are doomed to be relegated, Spurs did even better and played out a scintillating 0-0 draw.

Next up is the North London Derby. The dull, boring Spurs hosting an inspired Arsenal.

Fans have taken notice, of course. They’ve been predicting a smashing result in favor of the Gunners, since Spurs are clearly dying on the vine under “The Special One.” But this is when I’d most advise caution. When you approach a wounded animal, they are at their fiercest. Spurs are a wounded animal and they will always find a little extra life for a North London Derby. That’s just the way it is.

I don’t expect Arsenal to take it for granted, but fans need to beware.

Mostly, I’m worried about the possibility of David Luiz or maybe even Shkodran Mustafi giving away a penalty to the flop kings, Kane, Son, and Lo Celso. If there is one thing Spurs do exceptionally no matter the form they’re in, it’s flop and embellish and try to get those free opportunities.

That is what I’m primarily concerned about. Spurs know they suck too, so of course they’d be looking to leach a goal however they can. Especially if things start to go out of their favor.

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I have complete and total confidence that the Gunners will see this match through. The odds are so far in their favor. But with Mourinho in charge of a skeevy outfit like Spurs, I will always be concerned. Even in the slightest.

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