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Which Transfer Strategy Arsenal Could Use From 2020/21 Onwards

Modern football is rapidly becoming a complicated legal jungle where players and clubs need to be extremely careful and creative with their preferred transfer strategy to ensure that they come out on top. Arsenal are no different.

With complex multi-million pound deals being the norm and players finding it more lucrative to run down their contracts rather than seek for a transfer, being savvy in the business side of football is important for survival.

A large number of clubs are struggling financially to make ends meet, with only a small slither of top clubs walking away from the global pandemic and its impact relatively unscathed. Arsenal are one of those clubs who still seem to have the money to close out major transfer deals, though they have garnered some flak for some of their recent announcements.

With Mikel Arteta and Edu Gaspar handling the footballing side of Arsenal (at least for the near future), I would hope that Arsenal are able to plot their long-term strategy while also propelling the team forward in the interim. Here is a look at a few strategies that Arsenal can take with respect to managing their players.

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