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3 transfer targets to pip out from under Tottenham

Arsenal, Dayot Upamecano (Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images)

Arsenal will always have the upper hand on Tottenham Hotspur, so let’s look at three Spurs’ targets that the Gunners can get to first.

Arsenal‘s upcoming transfer window is going to be mighty interesting, with Mikel Arteta outlining a clear plan of attack by naming the three positions that his club needs most—centerback, holding midfield, and attack.

This has given rise to numerous rumors, but it has also been put to question by reports that the Gunners will be looking primarily at free transfers and swap deals to staff the club this summer, since the budget isn’t looking too friendly. With £27m already going towards William Saliba and another £15m-ish going towards the Nicholas Pepe fund, that’s easy to see why.

But with sales, the Gunners can still raise enough money to make some serious business, and they can make al the business they need solely by pipping three top targets from Tottenham and making them their own top priorities.

Arsenal can staff up on Tottenham targets alone

It’s not solely because they’re Tottenham targets, however. These are all Arsenal targets as well, or at least they were at one point, and if we can land all three, we will fulfill Arteta’s target positions and, more or less, stay within our budget as well.

So let’s dig into the top three Tottenham targets to steal from them. We start with No. 3.

3. Dayot Upamecano

Sensational reports lately have indicated that RB Leipzig need to sell their prized centerback Dayot Upamecano and, as such, the rumored £55m price tag has come down to a very doable £35m, which falls well within the realm of possibility for Arsenal to complete.

Of course, Spurs are also interested in Upamecano, as is over half of the known world, so it’s not like the Gunners would only be winning out over Tottenham (as they always do), but they’ll be winning out over so much more.

Upamecano was rumored to be on his way to Bayern Munich, but that has since quieted and we can dream yet again of an Upamecano/Saliba backline. Hard to do much better than that.

On to another Spurs target at No. 2.

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