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An Inter Milan switch may be wise for Alexandre Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette is linked with a move to Inter Milan. Would the divisive Frenchman be wise in venturing from Arsenal to the more appreciative, Serie A?

Since arriving at Arsenal, the former Lyon striker, Alexandre Lacazette, has divided opinion. When the club had purchased him, many and most were under the impression that the now, 29-year-old striker was an out-and-out goalscorer, however, he has since proved that belief a fallacy.

In fact, the club seemed to recognize the fact that Lacazette is in fact not a “killer” in front of goal pretty quickly and is best suited to a false 9 role of sorts. By bringing in Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang shortly after the former most expensive signing, despite Lacazette already being in the fold, smashing the transfer record once again, the hierarchy inadvertently showed that they were fully aware of the fact that the 16-capped French international was not ever going to put up the numbers that an out-and-out number nine in the “big six” should.

Though Lacazette is not the player that will score 20 league goals in a Premier League season, despite doing so in Ligue 1 a number of times, that’s not to say that he does not have a very important job in the squad.

Alexandre Lacazette would be wise to swap Inter for Arsenal

One player who could be compared to the divisive Frenchman is Liverpool’s Roberto Firmino. The Brazilian never manages an incredible amount of goals or assist in any given season, however, he attains a respectable number in both departments and the work rate put forth during any given ninety-minute match from him is incredibly important.

One could easily argue that Lacazette works equally as hard and is just not rewarded with the same plaudits because the current Arsenal side is nowhere near Liverpool in terms of quality. If Lacazette played on a better side, he may be more greatly appreciated.

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One team that has been linked with the Frenchman’s signature is a side who is currently in a better position than Arsenal—Inter Milan. Though Atletico Madrid has held a vested interest in Lacazette, no such move has come to fruition. Antonio Conte’s Inter project is looking more and more promising as time passes and it is possible that the ever under-appreciated Lacazette may be longing for a move to a side with supporters who would not take his immense work ethic for granted.

Along with Lacazette being cherished more at Inter, it is also worth noting that the blue side of Milan has had a far better season than the reds of London have. In 28 games the Gunners have managed a pathetic 40-points. Inter have managed 54 points in three games less which sees them sat third compared to Arsenal’s horrific 9th. The move may not only be best for Lacazette’s mental state, but also for his aspirations of success.

Given the fact that Internazionale’s superstar Argentine, Lautaro Martinez, is reportedly attracting Barcelona’s watchful eye, maybe Conte’s side would be interested in the prospect of moving on the coveted striker and bringing in a certain workhorse from North London who sees his contract winding to a close.

The fact is Lacazette to Inter is a move that would make sense for both parties. While many would argue that it would be foolish for the Gunners to go forward with, many would also oppose and say it needs to be done. To be frank, a large portion of Arsenal fans resent him for no apparent reason, so their agenda leads them to believe such a notion.

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A move to Italy, and more specifically Inter, may be what is best for Lacazette going into the future. While he may see his wages take a hit given the fact that the Serie A does not have the same financial power as the Premier League, there is no doubt that he would be granted the affinity and love he rightfully deserves. For Arsenal’s good, I believe it would be best to keep a hold of the former Lyon striker, but a move away from the club may be what is the wisest decision.

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