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Dejan Lovren transfer is just another David Luiz

Arsenal are supposedly preparing to snap up Liverpool cast-off Dejan Lovren, and this looks remarkably like another David Luiz. For better or worse.

So, I just went on a rant about Chris Smalling and Willian, and how Arsenal shouldn’t be targeting the cast-offs of direct rivals. But, as I mentioned then, it’s not always a bad idea. I was not in support of David Luiz, but the Brazilian, with the help of Mikel Arteta, has proven me wrong in that belief.

Luiz has actually been a fantastic addition, and for the first time in a while, signing a rival castaway proved to be a good idea. Does that mean doing it again would be another good idea? That’s hard to say. But that’s what we can find out with Dejan Lovren.

Lovren had his moments of being highly questionable at Liverpool, but he’s actually grown into a pretty reliable defender, albeit with that lingering propensity for individual mistakes.

That said, Arteta was able to turn Luiz and Shkodran Mustafi around. They haven’t made any massive gaffs since they’ve been called on to anchor this defense.

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In fact, all their best parts have come out to shine, and that’s what makes Lovren not the worst idea in the world. He’s a proven commodity these days, he’s on a Premier League winning side, and while he’s 30, maybe we can squeeze a few more years out of him yet.

That’s the thing though. he’s 30, and he probably won’t come cheap. Not to mention we already have one David Luiz, so why would we want another? Just because Luiz is working out really well doesn’t mean we need two of him.

Especially not with William Saliba joining the club, Calum Chambers on the mend and… David Luiz. Still at the club.

Maybe Lovren would work the same way Luiz has. Maybe we could anchor our defense with Luiz and Lovren and let the youngsters grow up around them. That’s not the worst idea in the world, but there are better ideas. Like what if Saliba should be trusted to grow into the role. Or what if Chambers should be given the job that he has earned so meticulously over the years.

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Sure, Lovren could work just like Luiz. But we don’t need another Luiz right now, so we don’t need Lovren. Go get a Dayot Upamecano or a Jonathan Tah. Someone who isn’t just a stopgap.

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