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Feast on the controversy that is Luka Jovic

Luka Jovi is not a popular guy these days. All the more reason for Arsenal to swoop in on the back of the controversy and snap him up.

Two winter transfer windows ago, Arsenal took advantage of a bad situation. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wasn’t exactly putting his best self out there at Borussia Dortmund, he was late to training, he had a bad attitude, and the higher-ups at Dortmund were outspoken in their shock at his behavior.

It was the perfect time to move. For a relatively modest fee, they purchased a guy who will soon be the two-time golden boot winner. Just like that, all the bad publicity coming out of Dortmund turned into good publicity coming from North London.

Luka Jovic‘s situation isn’t exactly the same, but it’s quite similar. The Serbian striker has landed in all kinds of hot water after breaking the self-isolation in Spain to return to Serbia and, on top of that, fellow Serbian and former Eintracht Frankfurt manager Dragoslav Stepanovic has accused Jovic of ruining his own career.

According to Stepanovic, “Jovic works against himself.” He went on in a scathing criticism of Jovic’s career and where he was headed.

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There is no better time to go in on a talented player than when he is in getting doused from every angle. That’s where Luka Jovic currently finds himself, and the best part is that Arsenal were interested before all of this happened, so even if they do appear opportunistic, they will not come across as exploiting the situation.

While Real Madrid has been a bit of a nightmare for Jovic, who hasn’t been able to make much of himself at the top of La Liga, the man still has undeniable talent and would do so well if given the chance to unleash that talent where he can actually count on consistent game time and opportunity.

That’s what he can look forward to having at the Emirates. No more squeezing in a few minutes every here and there, he can be the feature guy, interchanging with Eddie Nketiah as they both strive to make it at the top level.

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The transfer window is still a ways off, so a lot can happen between now and then. But after all that’s happened, it’s hard to imagine a situation where Madrid wouldn’t at least listen to offers. It would be in the Gunners’ best interests to at least ask a few questions.

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