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If Thomas Partey is listening, then get talking

Arsenal target Thomas Partey is reportedly ready to listen to offers from interested clubs, and that being the case, it’s time to get talking.

Gooners around the world held their breath when Atletico Madrid attempted to lock Thomas Partey down to a new contract that would have seen his release clause raise to near £100m. It would have put an end to Arsenal‘s hopes, primarily by proving that Partey didn’t want to leave.

But that never happened. Partey is supposedly ready to listen to offers this summer, and thus turned away from the deal offered him by Madrid. Meaning that his release clause remains at a very reasonable £45m.

Of course, given that everyone knows what his release clause is, it’s irrational to think that the Gunners will have a clear runway to secure his services. Manchester United are already barking to get involved and more will come.

Since Partey is listening, though, it’s time to get talking. There are things that Arsenal can offer him that no other club can, and those are the things that should win him over.

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For starters, he would be a de facto starter. Not just that, but he may very well be the final piece to put this midfield together. Granit Xhaka,  Thomas Partey and Dani Ceballos in a midfield trifecta? How do you do any better than that? It’s crazy good, it’s got everything you need, the solidity, the defensive ability, the forward push. And it frees all these three up to play their preferred game. Ceballos can roam forward, Xhaka can flow freely, Partey can beat the piss out of anyone that gets too close. That’s what dreams are made of, right?

Partey would also be joining this club and the start of a new era. There’s a magic to that. He could be remembered as one of the key figures in a brand new period of success at this historic club. Not unlike what Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry were for Arsene Wenger when he took over.

The one concern is if Partey is holding out for Champions League football. I still believe that the Gunners will make it in the end, but on the off chance that they don’t… Partey may be prematurely gazumped.

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But for now, just get the ball rolling. Start kicking up the conversation and gauging if this is possible because, if not, we need to reassess rather quickly.

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