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Is there something we don’t know about Hector Bellerin?

Arsenal’s sudden burst of transfer “interests” would lead one to question if there is something going on with Hector Bellerin that we don’t know about.

Maybe I’m overreacting given the pause on everything. Maybe I have nothing else to think about in the footballing world so my mind goes to all possible places, but I can’t help but think that there is something going on between Arsenal and Hector Bellerin.

For the first time in ages, we are being linked to straight rightbacks. I do not mind links to guys like Cedric Soares. Guys that are clearly depth signings that can start if need be. That’s smart business. We need guys like that. But when you start throwing in names like Jonjoe Kenny and Achraf Hakimi, I have to arch an eyebrow or three.

Both of those guys are younger than Bellerin. Both of those guys demand the starting job via their experience and upward trajectory. Internal competition is a great thing, but you can’t tell me that we can keep everyone happy in a situation where you have both Bellerin, Kieran Tierney and Hakimi.

That’s the thing. The future of fullback is set—it’s Bellerin and Tierney. Sure, they had injury problems this year, but that’s an anomaly. That isn’t something you should count on happening or you end up in a serious pickle when they’re all healthy.

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So what’s going on? Is Bellerin unsettled? Is he finally following up on that desire to go back to Spain? We have zero reason to believe that he is and I really don’t even want to think of it myself, but I can’t help it when truly exciting rightbacks who are younger than Bellerin are even being rumored to come to the Emirates.

Again, when you bring in guys like Soares, it makes sense. I could even tolerate Hachimi, as he has leftback experience as well. Maybe a catch-all signing to fill in as needed. Still suspect, but not as much.

This worries me though. Maybe they are seen as Ainsley Maitland-Niles replacements, but let’s be honest, he’s been a nonfactor since Arteta took over. So replacing him sounds like overkill. Not least of all because these two guys would cost much more money than we should be looking to spend at the position.

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Maybe I’m overreacting. I hope I am. And maybe these are just unfounded, stupid rumors that don’t deserve the time of day I just gave them. But if there is any truth in them, I’m confused.

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