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Lucas Torreira only midfielder threatened by Thomas Partey

Thomas Partey has made it abundantly clear that a move to Arsenal could happen, but the only person that directly effects is Lucas Torreira.

Arsenal‘s midfield is already a budding point of pride, but one good move could make it the fortress it needs to be, and Mikel Arteta has made it a priority to land a defensive midfielder for that exact purpose.

Thomas Partey has been the name most talked about, but in the process of talking about him, there has been conversation about who he replaces. Of course, many people want him to replace Granit Xhaka and more yet worry what might happen to Matteo Guendouzi, but at the end of the day, the only player that is directly threatened by the arrival of Thomas Partey is Lucas Torreira. Who may be leaving the club anyway.

It’s all a matter of style and completing the midfield puzzle. For instance, Partey and Xhaka have almost nothing in common. But they are at the same competitive level, so they would be excellent complements for each other.

As for Guendouzi, he is notably not compatible with Granit Xhaka, and for quite some time now, it’s been established that when Guendouzi does rise to the starting XI, it will be in a Xhaka-esque role.

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He would also make an interesting choice as the third midfielder in a midfield three because of his ball-playing ability, but Partey does very little to his immediate stock either.

Only Lucas Torreira will be feeling threatened by the arrival of the Atletico Madrid man. They both play the game very similarly and they both are defense-first. But the reason why Partey is being linked at all—and the reason Arteta has made this such a position of priority—is because Torreira either A. hasn’t been enough or B. is leaving anyway.

Most likely both.

That’s all that needs to be said about how Partey shakes up the midfield situation. He and Xhaka and Guendouzi can all live together in harmony. And they should. That’s an excellent midfield trio. Maybe we can start talking about the attack once that all is done. It’s just Torreira that’s the odd man out. Even if he does stay, he’d figure to fall into a reserve role, which wouldn’t be that appealing to him.

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This midfield is in a great place to move up. Now I only hope Arteta and the transfer chiefs can get the job done.

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