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Did Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang get cheaper?

Arsenal is likely going to end up selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer, but the fee we’re looking for may have just… gotten cheaper?

Arsenal‘s financial situation this summer is going to be a curious thing. It’s going to be incredibly dependent on our ability to make key sales and get top value for outgoing players. Guys like Lucas Torreira and Shkodran Mustafi could fetch decent fees, but the big cash cow is going to be Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

The Gabonese striker has just one year left on his contract and it’s time to make a decision. Without Champions League football or the accompanying funds to pay for a raise, Aubameyang is likely to leave. Even if he doesn’t want to.

But he could still be a blessing in his exit, as rumor had it that he was going to fetch £70m from the top dogs over in La Liga. With that money, we could completely change this midfield, revamp the defense, or redirect it towards supplementing an Aubameyang-less attack.

However, that is no longer the reported price that the Gunners will be looking for. Now, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s rumored price is just £50m.

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That’s not such a good feeling. Suddenly selling Aubameyang could fund getting one good player, but little more.

Everyone knows that goals make a player cost far more than they should. No one does goals better than Aubameyang. He is about to be the two-time Golden Boot winner when we’re looking to sell him and his international reputation speaks for itself.

The only drawback is his age and his contract situation. But it’s not like we couldn’t still get more for Aubameyang than £50m. I mean, he’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

There’s still time to sort this out, and I do reckon that if Aubameyang keeps scoring, as he is likely to do, maybe that price will drive up a bit more. We still also have yet to see if we do actually end up selling him. There’s still hope we get back into the Champions League, which could drastically change this whole situation, but for now, we have to think sale, and as mentioned, selling him becomes a lot easier if we are recouping the value we need to get for him.

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I don’t feel so good about selling Aubameyang if we get £20m less than expected. That’s a big difference. It’s something that could easily mean the difference between it being worth it or not.

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