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🔴 David Luiz to a 1-year contract 🔴 Cedric Soares to a 4-year contract 🔴 Pablo Mari to a 4-year contract The defenders will be part of Mikel Arteta’s rebuilding job at #AFC @TheAthleticUK : Gunners

Mari contract is fine, not seen enough to judge him on so not remotely upset about that. I’ve actually liked what I’ve seen and wanted him signed, fuck me right?

Hopefully Luiz doesn’t start next year at all and is a backup / leader / anything other than on the pitch. Being realistic we do need to keep some bodies back there so it is what it is.

Cedric one provides a cheap backup at RB, just need to hold out til we know his wages. Contract is long enough we can bail on him in a few years time as we rebuild and hopefully sell him on.

None of this is surprising.

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