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[Announcement] AMA Series | #6 | Kieran Tierney

We’re excited to welcome Kieran Tierney, who will be joining us for an Ask Me Anything tomorrow evening!

The time is not yet confirmed, but we will update the flair and put the usual countdown clock once we get the full details.

Everything will work in the same fashion as the previous AMAs, with the post going up first thing tomorrow morning (UK time) in order to allow for users across different timezones the best opportunity to get their questions in.

As usual, inappropriate/offensive questions will be removed at our discretion, and trolling of any kind will be met with a permanent ban. Political questions are also prohibited.

To all the newcomers – welcome to our subreddit! Be sure to create an account to be able to participate in the AMA; and hit the Join button in the sidebar to get the best experience and everything Arsenal delivered straight to your home page.

If you have any questions or would like to pre-screen a question, chuck a comment below.

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