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Arsenal Jacket (Size M) : Gunners

My post yesterday had quite a few people interested so I thought I would do this.

Here is the jacket

I’m giving away a genuine Arsenal Jacket I purchased off Pro Direct many years ago. Yes, it’s an old jacket (roughly 8-10 years old), hence, it is a Nike jacket and not Puma or Adidas. Though, I rarely wore it and haven’t worn it in possibly 6-7 years – I bet you’ve never heard someone online getting rid of an item say that?!

I’ve never done a giveaway and couldn’t be bothered setting up a proper format, so here are the simple rules to the giveaway:

  • Comment your all-time favorite moment as an Arsenal fan (please don’t write an essay – keep it short)

  • Do the above within 24 hours from the time this post is made (11:20pm AEST on Wednesday 7th May)

  • I will be randomly choosing the winner, so don’t think to comment a moment that will just get you a lot of upvotes – put some thought into which moment was truly your all-time favourite moment (but keep it short)

Edit: Instead of selling it cheaply on Gumtree or Ebay I’m hoping this can brighten up an Arsenal fan’s day during these dire times.

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