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Arsenal manager challenges overlooked Mesut Özil to show some pride : Gunners

When you’ve achieved a World Cup and played for the top clubs in the world at the mere age of 24-25, then get a massive contract that sets you and 9 generations for life, it’s hard to stay motivated. Only the best with genuine love of the game stay motivated (see Ronaldo and Messi) and will be remembered. Sadly Ozil will be remembered by most Arsenal fans for his horrible final 3 seasons, partly our fault for handing him a lifetime guarantee, and partly his fault for taking it for granted he’s been rewarded.

A quote I came across re sports and contracts always comes to mind when I see contract renewal talks. ‘You never sign a player for what he’s done, but for what you think he’ll give you’. I don’t think even when we re-signed Ozil we had confidence in his ability to deliver on the 350k a week expectations, hence it was a huge risk back then and now in hindsight was a sunk cost. I think even Papa Wengz wasn’t too ecstatic about that contract.

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