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Arsenal refuse to compromise on their demands for Lucas Torreira when Atletico refuse to do the same for Thomas Partey, and everything indicates Arsenal will push to include him in a deal. [MD] : Gunners

Yes, we are. And in all honesty, this just makes Atletico look very stupid. They have a player than wants to join us and that we have been eager to sign for a while now (and have made is abundantly clear), but they’ve been very stubborn (and rightfully so, he’s their player) with the release clause, that’s fine. Where it becomes stupid, is when they now are very interested in a player of ours [and the player in question seems to want to join them], but want to offer us a terrible loan + option deal. They won’t budge on Partey, or (so far) use him in a deal for Torreira, but want us to bend over and take a loan deal. I can understand Atletico wanting to keep Partey (as we know they do), he’s a brilliant player. But when he wants to leave and join us, and we have a player that they are interested in, who’s of a similar mindset, it makes sense to engage in a deal involving the two. Strange bunch.

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