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– Arsenal whittling down the many clubs who want to take John-Jules on loan – Greenwood being eyed by Leeds and Man Utd – Arsenal want initial £1.5m, rising to £3m. Juventus long-time admirers.

I can’t help but feel like it’s a mistake to let so many striking prospects leave at once – I like Eddie, but I don’t think he’ll ever be at a truly elite level, and we should be laying the groundwork for when Auba does leave in a few years’ time.

Greenwood in particular seems highly rated, so why we’d let him go to Man United of all teams I have no idea. Surely we’ve shown that we’re as good as anyone in terms of giving minutes to young players? Sam Greenwood wouldn’t get a sniff at Man U, especially when Sancho will likely sign for them, and Mason Greenwood tends to occupy a similar position to Sam

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