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Auba stats per game in the league and Europa league since Arteta has been appointed. 2.3 shots,2.4 tackles and interceptions,0.7 key passes,0.9 dribbles,0.7 crosses, 0.9 aerial duels won,0.7 dispossessed. 23+ passes(rough estimate) 75% passing accuracy (rough estimate). 7 goals in 10 games : Gunners

He seems like he really suits Arteta, system. Especially considering his off the ball work rate being really impressive which is key due to the position he plays. The issue with auba however is if it’s worth giving him a big contract considering he is 31 or risk losing him and having to replace a guaranteed 20 goals a season from a wide position. In my opinion if he’s willing to sign a contract I would do it only however for 2 years due to his age. By that time Saka or martinelli will be ready to take the LW spot. However giving auba a contact will mean we will have to sell players such as laca to afford this contract and other players, which in my opinion is worth it. Laca is easier to replace then auba.

Can we afford to lose him?

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