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beating Stoke at their own game, 2015. : Gunners

Yesterday’s Stoke pass got bountiful “fuck Stoke” comments, all of which put a smile on my face. So I thought I’d stir the honeypot and post another one. This pass is possibly my favorite I’ve posted so far. The nonchalance of Özil, the fury of Jack Butland, even the September shadow that has fallen over the Emirates; it all adds to this pass’s beauty for me.

Fun facts about this match:

  • Arsenal won 2-0.

  • This goal ensured that Theo Walcott would score for a ninth successive Premier League season. The streak’s still going; he’s scored one goal for Everton this year to make it 12 seasons in a row.

  • At the time of this game, Stoke hadn’t won at Arsenal in 34 years. They still haven’t.

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