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Can Hector get his pre-ACL rupture speed back? : Gunners

Hey everyone – I used my medical & sports performance/training background & latest research to analyze if Bellerin’s current lack of pace following his left ACL rupture in January 2019 is temporary or the new reality. Thanks to the mods for letting me post.

Here’s a table of contents, header (sub-headings):

  • 0:00 Intro

  • 0:35 ACL rupture and pace

  • 1:36 Key deficits (fitness, neuromuscular, mental hurdles, subsequent injury risk)

  • 4:41 Permanent or temporary?

  • 6:28 The upshot

For those at work or the hard of hearing, I’ve transcribed subtitles on YouTube so sound isn’t required.

For reference, I’m a DPT well-versed in sports performance science and training, with sports rehab & performance clinics in West LA and Valencia, CA. Feel free to hit me with questions and/or you can always find me on IG and twitter @ 3cbperformance.

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