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[@conharrison5] Conrad Harrison reporting a 5 year deal for Gabriel, who will wear the number 6 for us. : Gunners

He’s a fake ITK.

He’s only been acting like a “freelance journalist” for 2 days, simply scroll down his feed and you won’t see a tweet past 2 days ago.

Then scroll down the “tweets & replies” and you’ll see tweets dating back until July, none of which suggest he is anything more than an average tweeter user.. there are replies about diet plans and him wanting to start boxing. Not a single tweet about transfer news before two days ago

His bio claims to be a freelance Journalist, and yet there isn’t a Conrad Harrison who has written or published a single football related piece in any newspaper or website. He has no linked in account, and his online profile is literally just this tweeter account.

His first tweet claiming to be ITK was two days ago when he said that Elneny will return to Arsenal… which was already confirmed by Elneny himself by that time on Instagram.

Can we please stop posting these people on here?

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