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Delete if inappropriate but I just wanted to say to my fellow gooners, if I can do it, you can. 288lbs in 2017 and 206lbs in 2020. Don’t ever give up and just keep going lads!! COYG! : Gunners

For the vast majority of the 3 years, I did intermittent fasting (20:4) 5 days a week and tried to keep alcohol to just the weekends….whenever I travelled for work or fun, I maintained it where possible but didn’t stress if I let loose in order to properly enjoy whatever I was doing. I was able to steadily lose weight and would typically never gain it.

Since Feb 2020 my diet has been 70% vegetarian meals with trying to keep meat to the weekends, as well as the beer….since April 2020 I started cardio 3-5 times a week because of lockdown….the last couple of months are accredited to about 20lbs so it’s definitely sped up of late due to the veggies and exercise.

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