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“Emi can leave arsenal cause he wants to play and be number 1 for argentina” : Gunners

Ill do my best to translate.

The GK’s agent and also Lucas martinez quarta’s agent explained the situation with both players, that there’s a posibility to leave their teams, the gunners and river plate respectively, to find a new challenge for their carreers.

Having great displays defending arsenals goal, Emi Martinez started to be a key man in the premier league and is a long list of the teams that wants him for the next season. In halloway they don’t want to loose him, but his agent, Gustavo Goñi, said that there are big chances of him leaving and looking for a new challenge for his career.

“The most possible escenario is that Emiliano Martinez leaves arsenal cause he wants to play. He dreams to be the number 1 for Argentina. And he’s willing to leave his house for a worthy cause to be the number 1 in argentina”, that was the agents words in the show Como te va.

Thats emi’s part, the rest of the article talks about martinez cuarta, but i assume you don’t give two fucks about that.

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