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Fan identification in football : Gunners

Hello my friends,

You might remember me posting a survey on “Fan Identification in Football” in this subreddit a few months ago as part of my bachelor thesis in Sport Management. I wanted to thank all of you who took part, as I reached almost 5.000(!) participants which made my research a lot more meaningful. Thanks to you I managed to score 94% on my thesis and graduated top of my class! My thesis will be published as an article in an academic journal in a few months time, which is something I am quite proud of. I was recently admitted to a masters degree program in Sport Management in Cologne/Germany, so I am excited for what’s to come! I thought I would post a short presentation of the results, your picks of favourite football clubs/players and general observations as some people were interested in the results and I want to give something back for all the support. The full thesis and findings will have to wait until the article is published, but I will definitely link it here once it is. Thanks again boys and girls, much love!


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