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Football fans are really good at saying, “This is a long-term project, we’ll go backwards before we go forwards, we need to accept it will take time”. …Until they lose. : Gunners

this sub became blaming every single person except players. of course refs are shit, opponents are cunts, but hasn’t this been always? back when players played like a shit, they were benched, they were screamed on, they had to look in the mirror. now? fuck it we blame arteta, we blame raul, kroenke and everyone else except the 11 players on the pitch, who absolutely doesn’t give a fuck about a game.

can you imagine arsenal with cesc, vieira, wilshere loosing a game like yesterday? they would kill brighton for leno injury. these guys don’t do a shit, they smile, stand and do some stupidity after match instead of fighting on the pitch.

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