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“He’s a big presence. He’s someone who doesn’t hide. He has very clear principles and values, and he puts that on the pitch every time he’s there.” @m8arteta on Granit Xhak : Gunners

I was always a vocal supporter of Xhaka (fuck I hope this comment doesn’t bite me in the ass).

He is the only person on our team that can organize the squad tactically when our shape gets compromised. He is slow sometimes and makes silly mistakes but I think that’s because of the position he takes on the field and the players surrounding him who sometimes might not pick up the slack.

I understand why we had to strip him off his captaincy even though I don’t think we should have. He is immense for us, error prone at times yes, but you can’t ignore the stats when he’s on the field vs when he’s off.

I’m just happy to have him back, I know he’ll make mistakes, but fuck it right now we need a player like him on our squad.

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