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How Arteta is trying to fix Arsenal and more | The Ornstein & Chapman Podcast


  • Life’s hard for Arsenal on and off the pitch, what’s Arteta gonna do about it?

  • He made a fantastic impression early on, both as a person and in terms of early results. Football being put on standby halted that positive momentum. With the restart being quite disappointing.

  • Injuries, travel issues, 3 players missed training in the build up to the Man City match – put in isolation after a positive coronavirus test.

  • Many of these things are not the Arteta’s fault. We hear the word “unprecedented” repeatedly, to describe circumstances thrust upon a man who is still in his first 6 months as a head coach.

  • There are many issues he’ll want to address: culture, attitude, personnel. He is well aware, despite the optimism and praise he received early on, he hasn’t achieved anything yet. He will need time, and support. Ornstein mentions someone closely involved in the club, “They don’t think it’s a case of whether Mikel Arteta will let Arsenal down. But whether or not the club let Mikel Arteta down.”

  • Arteta’s desire to change club culture is reiterated several times throughout the recording.

  • Unlike Wenger, Arteta is not a “Manager”, in the traditional sense of the word. He is a Head Coach, with lots of others working around him. Edu, Raul, these people must also take responsibility. There are many questions about the hierachy, and quality of this support. Which may be answered over time. Difficult decisions will need to be made.

  • Ornstein has spoken to Kroenke & Edu. His impression is that they fully intend to back him. Arteta is highly thought of by our club and others, whether or not he finds success at Arsenal, it’s thought that his coaching career will be something special.

  • They acknowledge restrictions in the transfer market, both for us and other clubs in the current climate. Loss of matchday revenue is a big blow to Arsenal. It’s likely that any previous plans will need to be heavily revised.

  • Many familiar issues face Arteta. Whether Ozil plays, Guendouzi’s behaviour, contracts running down, questionable transfers. It’s all a bit deja vu.

  • Guendouzi’s abrasive characteristics, his ego and energetic nature are, for better or worse, integral to his success as a player – in the locker room, and on the pitch. But they must be channelled in the right way. The incident at Brighton is an example of the problems it causes, in contrast to driving performances in the NLD or against Villa.

  • Seems like this was recorded before the match against Southampton on Thursday. No mention of selling Guendouzi.

  • Ornstien says we want reinforcements in central defence & Midfield, possibly a goalkeeper despite faith in Emi Martinez. Arteta desires a wide player, Willian is an option on the list – his experience and availability as a free agent seen as appealing.

  • Nothing is going on with Martinelli, he came back from the break, and like many players, lacks a bit of sharpness, physically he’s in shape.

Some random thoughts from Jonathan throughout the recording: With a young squad, and further, potential, travel issues next season, we may actually benefit from a season outside of Europe. Arteta will have come into Arsenal knowing there’s no quick fix, he’ll see Arsenal as a long term project – and will therefore, have the character to deal with unforeseen setbacks. The Emery project failed, and there’s alot riding on the Arteta project working. We look like a midtable club, and risk becoming one.

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