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‘I WANT TO BECOME A LEGEND!’ | Aubameyang and Wrighty

At the time the club had a lot of players on Wrights level, with the legendary back five and the likes of Ray Parlour to name one so it was a little differently in mentality. He was a bit of a bad apple sometimes, rubbing people up the wrong way, but he was adored by the fans and gave us something we lacked.

Ian was a beastly player and the best way I can describe him is that he played like a kid in the park, the one who was better than everyone else, who did cocky and ridiculous things while banging in goals for fun. He wasn’t like a coached or trained footballer, he was just naturally superb and played like he was in the park.

Auba is more like Henry in that he has a skill and ability about him that exudes footballing talent. He’s got a much more balanced head and doesn’t seem to get riled up and angry like Ian could. He’s much more captain material and seems to be a team player. Wrighty just wanted to have the ball and score over and over and over again, ruthless and determined.

Have to love them both really, superb players and people.

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