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I would help “to get Arsene Wenger back into that boardroom to help make key decisions for Arsenal Football Club” : Gunners

I know this isn’t necessarily the kind of aimless chatter we usually get into here, but desperate times…

Martin Keown said on Talk Sport that he would love to help get Arsene back into the club. Do you think this would be a good idea? Would we actually benefit at all? Has your opinion changed vs him taking a role straight from the manager’s job?

Something about the way Keown describes the circumstances at the club at the moment makes me feel like things might be a bit better suited for Arsene’s guiding hand than it was when he left. Perhaps having Mikel and Edu in arguably the two most important positions means theres an advisory place for Arsene again.

Does any of this matter or is this all debate over what what amount to a nice PR move?

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