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James Benge “It has been over 18 months since Raul Sanllehi spoke to non-club media. Only person to have interviewed Edu since his appointment has been Gilberto Silva. If you don’t explain your plan then others do for you.” : Gunners

This is really where it’s at. No one actually knows what the fuck is going on. We are reliant on occasional articles from the Athletic for any reliable information about the club and often those articles have an underlying theme (praising Arteta and Cagigao etc.).

We have been a silent club in terms of what happens behind the scenes for many years now. We don’t know what the relationship and performance of Cagigao was like fully, we don’t know how much influence Raul and co. are placing on agents, we don’t know the proper financial state or transfer kitty and so on. We just don’t know. The lack on information is why I can’t get too worked up, because a lot of these journalists are going to prey on our incredibly easy to rile up fanbase for clicks.

Me personally am going to let the results of Raul and Co. speak for themselves, which given the past two seasons haven’t been very successful. But a successful team takes more than 2 years to build so im willing to wait a little while longer then judge.

Usually the truth lies somewhere in the middle, Raul and co. are probably not the greatest management team, but they’re also probably not the club destroying conspirators that has been said either.

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