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Liverpool in February vs Liverpool now : Gunners

Liverpool in December: Only lost one game all season. Planning to win Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup unbeaten (only lost to Napoli in a group game).

*Already won Super Cup

*Win Club World Cup

*Lose 5-0 to Villa in League Cup

Liverpool in January: Let’s do an invincible treble be like Arsenal 2003-04 + Man Utd 1998-99

*Lose to Athletico in Febraury so no treble but hey a double invincibles is still brilliant

*Lose to Watford so no invincibles. A double will do

*Lose to Chelsea in FA Cup.

Liverpool when lockdown ended: When the league starts, let’s get to more than 100 points. Should be easy amirite?

*Draw to Everton away

*Lose to Man City away

*Draw to Burnley at home ending their 100% home win record

*Finally lose to Arsenal which seals the nail in the coffin. Can only get to 99 points

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