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Manchester City 3-0 Arsenal, Post-Match Thoughts? : Gunners

David Luiz is finished surely, the mis-control is one thing but that penalty and red card was unforgivable. It was always likely we’d walk away with nothing but I was hoping to see a good showing from some players, a renewed spirit and some sign of Arteta’s work. It was happening but Luiz wrecked all of that.

That aside, there were other factors. City moving to the long ball from Ederson threw the majority of our preparation out the window, unbelievable delivery from deep exposed a weakness in Luiz and Ceballos who I also thought was poor. A rusty Tierney and Ceballos did not combine well and left spaces that encouraged City in play. Bellerin still looks very slow, Sterling breezed past him, I’m getting concerned about him.

But still, some problems were caused by unfortunate injuries early on, some were smaller factors that take time but none that would dismantle our game entirely. It was Luiz who ensured we had a stinker.

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