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Mavropanos made his debut for Stuttgart today in a 1-1 draw. : Gunners

We signed only 8 players under him. Mkhitaryan was part of the swap with Sanchez and Lichtsteiner was a free that was cover. So only 6 players really. He was a scout at Dortmund for 11 years, 8 of those years as their chief scout or higher. If you randomly pick 8 of his signings at Dortmund I’m sure they’d be even shitter. He wasn’t having A++ transfer windows with Dortmund year in year out, that’s not how it works. His reputation isn’t built off 8 signings, that’s nonsensical.

Leno was a terrific buy and so was Auba. Guendouzi for all his attitude issue is genuinely a talented player that was no ones radar prior to us signing him. Torreira was fantastic in his 1st season and just doesn’t suit the system Arteta wants to play. Mavropanos was signed for less than 2 million, that’s nothing. You sometimes have to speculate to accumulate with deal like him.

Sokratis for me is the only properly serious shit buy from Mislintat. Cost a hefty 20million, has been a wage drain with zero resale value all the while he hasn’t contributed much.

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