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Net Possession Contributions In EPL : Gunners

I accidentily put my reply in the link to r/soccer so copying it here where it was meant to be,

So we only have Torreira with a net possession contribution that is positive. That says it all.

The progressive passes is pretty meaningless. Let me use how I see Xhaka as an example. Sits deep. one of player takes the ball up to the opposition defensive line, doesnt want to risk it so plays it back to Xhaka. Xhaka then plays a forward progressive pass; it goes to a player still in front of the defensive line so it does nothing to break down the defence. Thats how I see probably 90% of his forward passes, then add in the number of times where they receive the ball with two or more defenders on them when they receive the ball so they lose it. Still a progressive pass but does nothing to help us.

Now lets compare that to Ozil. Tries through balls that will unlock the defence and create chances. A lot get cut out by the defence so that is a possession loss and no progressive pass.

As usual, stats are only part of the story.

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