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[OC] Kieran Tierney’s COVID19 conundrum

Hey everyone – with Tierney’s ongoing COVID-19 isolation saga still up in the air, I consulted with a trusted epidemiologist (infectious disease is way outside my scope of expertise) to get more info on the ongoing dispute over protocols, what him having antibodies does or doesn’t tell us, if he’s now immune and/or contagious, and his potential availability against Manchester City. Thanks as always to the mods for letting me post.

Here’s a table of contents, header (sub headers):

– 0:00 Intro

– 0:11 Source of information (epidemiologist scope of expertise)

– 0:31 Tierney’s COVID-19 conundrum

– 1:01 Two different protocols

– 2:06 Tierney’s antibodies

– 2:42 How did he pass the tests?

– 2:58 Is Kieran now immune?

– 3:52 Will Tierney play vs Man City?

– 4:16 Outro

For reference, I’m a football coach, DPT (Doctor of Physio), sports scientist, researcher, mindfulness enthusiast and owner of 3CB Performance —providing sports medicine, performance, and mindfulness services online and in-person at clinics in West LA and Valencia, CA. Feel free to hit me with questions and you can always find me on IG or Twitter @ 3CBPerformance

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