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‘Ozil is a millstone around Arsenal’s neck’ – Arteta needs to sell out of favour midfielder, says Campbell : Gunners

I will admit that a tiny part of me still believes that his past relationship with the club and Arteta, as well as his involvement with the team before COVID, gives him a way back. When you have a 350k pw player who is unsellable, the best outcome is that he plays his way back into the team. It’s the best for all parties, barring a miraculous sale/loan.

Arteta has shown already that players who looked out of the equation can play their way back into the starting 11. Xhaka and Mustafi are quite prominent examples though you could say that Arteta’s hand was forced due to depleted options. AMN and Ceballos certainly did the right things too. Our midfield is basically lacking any sort of cutting edge, and I don’t think that ESR is going to last 50 games and give great performances every week. Signing Aouar is a huge question mark at this point, with no clubs really willing to pay much for Guendo/Torreira/Sokratis/others (and why would they lol).

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