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Romano: Atlético and Arsenal have reached an agreement for Lucas Torreira

You can agree to all the deals you want but the player ultimately has to agree to personal terms as well. I’m sure if Arsenal could just send him anywhere he’d be in Italy on at least a loan+obligation if not an outright buy right now. However Torreira wanted Atletico. They are a much bigger team than the ones he was linked to in Italy, in a country that speaks his native language, and has 2 of his fellow national team members already in the squad. Fair enough to him that was the deal he wanted.

It’s not all a loss for us though. Freeing up a non-HG spot is a win and something we needed to bring in anyone really. We’ll see what ultimately ends up happening but a lot of the reports have suggested the option becomes an obligation at some point. Depending on if that is the case and what the terms are it could still be a decent deal for us.

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