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[Romano] Not only Luis Suarez. Atlético Madrid are also in talks with Arsenal to sign Torreira on loan with buy option. #AFC want to sell him on permanent deal to try again for Thomas o Aouar. Torreira is desperate to leave. …but Atléti need to sell before signing new players. 🔴 : Gunners

OK, this is actually big now.

The middleground between our desire to sell and their desire for an optional loan is the same thing we worked out with the Italian clubs: an obligated loan that allows us to effectively use that money right now.

That said, I cannot shake the feeling that this is theatre. Atleti do not want to sell Partey. They may be ‘entering the market for Torreira’ simply to fuck with us, forestall his sale to one of the Italian clubs, then pull out and leave us with no invitation to Partey.

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