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Some Arsenal players replied ✔️ to pay cut plan, others ✖️ so no group agreement. Club want cut to save jobs + plan with more certainty. Squad want deferral to save jobs, query why cut before losses known + think owner should contribute @TheAthleticUK #AFC : Gunners

I wouldn’t take a pay cut without guarantee of it going to the other staff. Without that it’s probably just going to pile up into the war chest.

Plenty of businesses are doing things like this (read the book shock doctrine by Naomi Klein and it gives a great historical context of how businesses and countries use disasters to push through terrible reform) where they ask employees for help because they know people do want to help out, especially in these situations. Then after they have saved money they push through the cuts anyway.

For example, the company my mom works for asked people who could not come into work to use vacation leave instead of sick leave because of the way it ends up going into their payroll saying it would help the company not have to lay anyone off. Two weeks later they’re set to lay off hundreds of people and only asked people to use vacation time because they’d have to pay it out if they had any left when they were laid off, they don’t have to do the same with sick leave.

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