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Sourcing audio/video of an obscure Wenger interview from 2012 : Gunners

An edition of the Sunday Vanguard, a Nigerian broadsheet, published an interview with Arsene Wenger on 13 May 2012 (p.54): https://issuu.com/vanguardngr/docs/13052012 (PDF can be downloaded)

In it, Le Professeur made some interesting remarks about athlete development and the nature of football:

I believe that there again, when you think about potentially developing players, it is first to have the coaches.

So chronologically, you have to educate people to coach, and then create schools where you can develop the players. To make it as simple as possible, football is first a technical sport. It is not natural to use your feet to do something. Your feet are made to walk through the street, not necessarily to play football. So you have first to transform someone into a football player, and that is between ages 5 and 12 years old. When you come at 14, it is too late. That is why you have to educate people to teach the basics of our sport between five and 12.

The kind of quality the coaches need is to know what you can do to develop people, that is the exercises that you can give, and as well to teach him not to make basic mistakes.

There are two things in our job that can be very dangerous. One, not to develop the potential of a person, the other is to disturb the potential of a person by making him do the wrong things. Sometimes, we can as well do that.

Now, here’s the rub:

Some time ago, I definitely heard an audio recording of this interview– but now I can’t find it. I’m pretty sure I heard it as a voiceover, with music, in a Youtube retrospective on Wenger’s career.

Has anyone run into either the audio or the video I’m thinking of?

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