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The inside story of Arsenal’s transfer window. 🚨 #AFC wanted Partey & Aouar 🚨 Relationship with Partey agents key to deal 🚨 Atleti fury at “incredible” #AFC swoop 🚨 Raya new contract has clause for next summer With @David_Ornstein for @TheAthleticUK : Gunners

Atleti have no right to be “furious”. They meddled with our negotiations with Torreira by Simeone personally calling him up to change his mind and then negotiated a deal which was clearly below market value. But they got their way because they had the leverage.

Torino were willing to give us a significant sum for Torreira’s loan move and obligation to buy for another significant amount next season. This could’ve helped us secure Aouar and also help pay Partey’s RC. But no, they negotiated in bad faith because they didn’t think we could trigger his RC on our own.

What’s more is, everyone knew we were pursuing both Aouar and Partey, so did Atleti. If they had negotiated fairly, they would’ve got his RC paid with enough time to look for his replacement outside of LaLiga.

That’s what you get for negotiating in bad faith. They kept on saying “RC or nothing”. Well, there’s you RC you snobbish cunts, spend it in good health.

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