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The latest Thomas Partey update, courtesy of TheAFCBell on Twitter. : Gunners

If you’re out of the loop when it comes to AFCBell, I’ll fill you in. They are a mysterious twitter account who seemingly had close ties with the popular news aggregator ‘MrArsenicTM’ on Twitter. TheAFCBell only tweets in Arabic, which is rumoured to be to protect their identity (I can’t verify whether that is true or not), but what is known is that they were involved with an interview with Ornstein in August 2016. TheAFCBell is no mere ITK, making outlandish statements or referring to mosques or barbers. His/their record is virtually impeccable when it comes to news. Anyway, here’s the update on Thomas Partey;

Atlético de Madrid rejects a verbal offer from Arsenal for Thomas Partey consisting of Matteo Guenduzi and an amount of money that is understood to be very cheap. Atletico value Guendouzi for just 25-30 million euros, far below Arsenal’s rating. Negotiations are continuing.

There is optimism in the camp of Thomas Partey that all parties have reached an agreement despite the rejection of the opening offer. Talks between the two clubs will continue until the Leipzig match in the Champions League.

Arsenal hopes to reach an outline agreement with Atlético de Madrid over Thomas Partey’s deal before August 13.

The talks will be suspended temporarily, out of respect for the player’s desire to focus on the Champions League.

When Atlético’s run in the Champions League ends, Arsenal will accelerate the pace of negotiations with the aim of closing the deal.


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