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Theo at 23/24 was doing this from the RW. I expect this or more from Pepe this season. Is that fair? : Gunners

Theo was not the most technical or skillful player that the club had, but people sort of forget how effective he was at times. His pace was very dangerous and he could finish inside the box. You don’t score 100 goals at the club by being terrible. I just think he was always overshadowed because there were always players around him like RVP, Cazorla, Ozil, and Alexis who were simply better. He got lost in the shuffle, but was a big part of many decent Arsenal seasons.

Let’s give Pepe some time to live up to that legacy. He had a nice game in the FA Cup final and has shown flashes. The Willian signing is a bit puzzling because it seems to block his progress, but all great teams need depth.

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