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Thomas Partey to Arsenal has been confirmed (sort of) : Gunners

  1. Re-arrange the letters in Thomas Partey, one outcome is A Trashy Tempo

  2. OK your wondering how does that relate? Arsenal have an article about us upping the tempo changed the game


Who is the guy talking about it? None other than Alex Iwobi

Alex Iwobi is Nigerian and Partey is from Ghana

When Nigeria played Ghana

Guess what the score was? Ghana 4 Nigeria 1

Partey number is 5 and 4 plus 1 is 5

But theres more to the 4 1 result than meets the eye

Arsenal ladies also had a 4 1 score against Brighton ladies

The person who scored Brighton goal was Nigerian

Now think back to the recent Brighton vs Arsenal game notice anything? When was their second goal scored? 90 + 5

5 being Partey number

As of 30 June Thomas Partey had 425 post on Insta

Pepe scored exactly a pen in our most recent game in the 25 th minute also know as (P) at ’25

The same last two numbers and a P P for Partey?

Coincedances? No Partey to Arsenal šŸ¦€šŸ¦€šŸ¦€šŸ¦€šŸ¦€

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